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What do Parents say about Mathletics

"It is fantastic, it makes maths fun. My son loves Mathletics." Linda Hamilton, NSW

"It is very good and well worth the money. My daughter has learnt things on Mathletics that she hasn't done atschool yet so I think it's a great headstart." Pauline Smyth, QLD

"My daughter has been on it now for 6 months and has come from getting 25%-30% is now achieving 80%. It's fantastic and affordable." Denis Rogers, VIC

"Definitely a fantastic piece of software and if your school isn't using it then it should be." Susan Bainbridge, NSW

"It is a fantastic program. I also told two school Principals recently that my daughter was using Mathletics and they said it was a great program." Kim Mills, NSW

"Go for it - it is worth it. My sons love to be able to compete against others." Laurence Pochard, NSW

"Absolutely! My year 10 son said he was lousy at maths and did so well from the first day on that his confidence is already growing. For the first time, both of my boys did maths on a weekend. I sure hope it continues." Wendy St Germain, QLD

"I think it is a great tool. It makes children enthusiastic about doing maths and gives great feedback to parents and teachers." Helen Daly, VIC

"I recommend it always..." Don Millard, NSW

"An excellent program for children - they enjoy the concept of playing against others and I thoroughly recommend it." Shelley Wright, SA

"I would thoroughly recommend it. In fact I already have." Patricia Raffelt, VIC

"Awesome. Daniel and Bianca love it and the reporting system back to parents is fantastic." Karen Lambert, WA

"Out of all the maths programs I've spent money on (there have been quite a few) this is the only program my kids want to go and play. They love earning certificates, and I love the fact that it teaches them to think fast, which is a skill that has helped them both with school tests." Cindy Majdak, VIC

"Our child is very enthusiastic about it as it makes learning interesting and fun. It is also great that he can go online and be doing something constructive if he is unwell and can't attend school." Lisa Barnett Taylor, WA

"It's definitely a great program. Isabella received her first report via email with a Bronze certificate attached. She thought that was just wonderful." Michelle Santilli, NSW

"Fantastic, I did not think my son would get on and use it with out me watching over him, but he has been home sick and spent the whole day on the laptop with Mathletics, he could not wait for his sister to get home to show her how much he had done." Jodie Livermore, VIC

"That it is a fun way of tackling all sorts of Maths. My daughter gets a bit daunted in the classroom when the subject of Maths comes up. With Mathletics, she doesn't know she's being taught something and still enjoys doing it." John Carson, VIC

"My daughter brought the brochure home from her school and wanted me to sign her up from home so she could learn to do the maths by herself and get the confidence that she needs. I have past it onto my other daughter's primary school and I hope that they sign up. Both children enjoy the 60 second challenge and now they are both getting faster at their multiplication and getting stronger at other areas. Many of my friends have joined up and are very happy with the results."  Katrina Turco, VIC

"Fantastic, my children have had a ball playing each afternoon. They have really benefited from the program." Natallie Higgins, WA

"This is a fabulous tool, which encourages the child to learn and improve Maths. I will definitely recommend it." Marilia De Souza, NSW

"I have already recommended this site to many other parents. It would be nice to find an English/language site as good." Chris Dimitriadis, NSW

"I'd definitely recommend it. The kids love it and I'm much happier with them using their computer time on something worthwhile." Joe Whelan, NSW

"Definitely worth signing up for if your child needs extra help with mathematics. It raises their confidence level." Steve Blanche, NSW

"I have already recommended to our Primary School that they begin using the program because: - I find the speed challenges have helped improve speed and accuracy - the extra practice in areas where the student might need it is invaluable - it gives me, as a parent, a more accurate guide to my child's specific progress than an end of year report/parent teacher meeting - my son has responded really well to working on the PC rather than from a textbook - it is handy to have explanations readily available as our Primary School does not use textbooks." Mirren Palmer, NSW

"I would say that my son says it is a lot of fun and he really loves playing against kids from around Australia." Janetta Green, TAS

"I would and have recommended Mathletics to other parents. I think it helps kids achieve better maths results in a fun and engaging way." Doug Price, NSW

"Highly recommended." Jody Mathews, NSW

"I would encourage any parent to let their children try it. Before Mathletics my child was struggling and not enjoying maths. But since she was introduced to Mathletics she hasn't looked back. She absolutely loves it and I'm now lucky to get to use the computer because she wants to do her maths!! Give it a go, you won't regret it,
they truly do inspire better results!!!" Caitlin Gordon, VIC

"Great for kids to gain confidence with maths and in a home environment. Enables kids to really enjoy maths and improve their skills." Wendy Fletcher, VIC

"I have already recommended this to another parent, who has registered both of their children. It makes mathematics fun!!" Jason Hameister, NSW

"I would tell them that Mathletics is a great way for your kids to practice as much as they want on the things that give them much confusion." Pauline Maxwell, WA

"A great tool for children to improve their maths. Makes it fun (and competitive) to learn." Mark Waugh, NSW

"It's a great way to supplement learning at school and for parents to see what their children are capable of and where they might need additional help." Carol Ross, VIC

"It's great. Our kids love doing it, particularly because it is competitive and they get rewarded for good performance. We have noticed a marked improvement in our kids speed and accuracy with their maths." Carolyn Wotherspoon, VIC

"We would and have recommended to other parents. We feel that it is wonderful that our daughter Sophie embraces Mathletics with the same enthusiasm that we see other captivated with software games." Craig Cochrane, NSW

"I would recommend it to them and wouldn't you rather your child be participating with Mathletics than sitting in front of a Playstation game?" Louise Kensington, NSW

"I have recommended it to a number of parents already. My girls LOVE getting a certificate." Colleen Psarros, NSW

"I would say it was a valuable learning tool for the children in maths as it enabled them to practice skills in a fun, user friendly way." Janelle Montague, NSW

"Definitely purchase it - easy to use and to date Thomas has really enjoyed using it." Heather McInerney, VIC

"As a grandma who, during my education hated and avoided maths, I am thrilled to see my grandchildren having such fun doing your program. I am so glad they found you on the computer. Regards Kate Gare" Kathleen Gare, WA

"I have already recommended Mathletics to several parents! Georgie loves doing it, and the occasional certificate & rating improvement to'Speed Demon' etc really encourages her too!" James Turnbull, NSW

"Strongly recommend." Han Xiao, NSW

"Fantastic - I have recommended it to many family and friends!" Andrea de Carvalho, ACT

"I would say it was an extremely useful program that certainly helps with Maths results in the classroom. Both my children have needed help in areas of Maths and Mathletics has been invaluable for revision. My son who is in year 10 at the moment uses it for revision and he's benefited so much. It gives both my children a lot more confidence. The price is fantastic too, affordable, not like some of the Maths programs out there
which cost thousands. I think every school should sign up, in fact I suggested to my daughters school should have this option to sign up with Mathletics and they didn't know about it. I have heard since I contacted them they are looking into the program for future use. I bought a private licence for my daughter in the meantime." Susanne Muir, NSW

"I would highly recommend the program to another parent and I would encourage them to monitor their child's progress and challenge them to harder questions. I find that both my children love the live competition and the opportunity to complete questions on all the processes is great." Michelle Venturin, VIC

"I found out about Mathletics through my younger daughters' school. Since purchasing the online home subscription I am finding it difficult to get some computer time for myself! My three kids LOVE the games and online challenges. I totally recommend you try it out with your kids." Bridget Anderson, ACT

"I would definitely recommend Mathletics to other parents with concerns about their childrens understanding of maths concepts. My children seem to rather enjoy the whole experience which will, hopefully help to build up their confidence in the long term." Colleen Romeril, VIC

"It is great, my son loves it. He can work at his own pace and it encourages him to work harder. It is especially good for children with a competitive streak in their nature. Louis does not see it as work, he sees it like another soccer match, where he is getting better skills to help him win. It is very successful in that respect." Kerri Warner, WA

"A great learning tool. Maths is all about repetition, and it's a very hard subject to teach effectively to students whom have an inherent dislike. My daughter falls into this category. She has had Mathletics for the last 3 days available at home & on Friday got into the top 10 for points scored." Jack A'Hearn, VIC

"I would definitely recommend it. My son is constantly on the Mathletics website. He's learning while he's having fun, which proves to me that this program is an excellent concept." Azra Ali, VIC

"Extremely happy, my son is constantly wanting to go on the computer and get onto the Mathletics website. His maths capability has increased and he is determined to reach his sister's level, two years his senior." Martin Reeve, WA

"Definitely get it, the program is fantastic" Kim Wilson, NSW

"It is great. My son loves it!" Laurie Budd, VIC

"It is very good." Saji Philip, NSW

"Go ahead it is a great tool." Sue Mackay, NSW

"I would recommend it, it's an excellent program and my son actually enjoys using it (unlike many of his maths textbooks)." Cathy Viskovich, NSW

"From what I have seen of the product I would have no problem recommending it to other parents." Francine Kelsall, VIC

"They have asked me and I say it is fantastic and have recommended it to Nathan's school and to other parents. I rave about it and it certainly helped Nathan to fill in the gaps he missed out on in school. I think the support centre is great and the choice of getting harder or easier problems helps them develop at their own pace." Lynette Vernon, WA

"Great, fantastic must give it ago." Emily Wood, NSW

"If tracked by parents it is a great motivator to love and enjoy maths." Sally Courtney, VIC

"If your child is like my boy, who's crazy about computer it's a good learning game to play with." Carolyn LEE, VIC

"Mathletics brings out Chelsea's competitive streak! She loves knowing she is competing with other children around the country. She is excited by the certificates and takes them to school to show her teacher. Mathletics makes maths fun, it's definitely money well spent. Thanks!" Michelle Dickson, VIC

"Strongly recommend the program to anyone. We (parents) have been blown away with the amazing increase in knowledge our son has displayed. We have noticed our 5 year old son transition from counting on his fingers to intuitively answering questions through his developed skills. We have a 4 year old who always watches his brother use Mathletics and is very keen to start himself." Natalie Fletcher, NSW

"I would say that it would be the best way to encourage your child who is keen or weak in that subject and I think it's fun to the students who work on it and gets the best of all what he or she does." Opal Gunasekera, VIC

"To buy the program because I believe it has helped my girls tremendously especially with their keyboard skills, maths & problem solving." Franca Brancatisano, VIC

"I would say that it is very educational and fun!" Carolyn Jamieson, NSW

"I can strongly recommend Mathletics. My son Rory loves going on the Mathletics website and it has really helped to improve his math skills." Marion Cherry, WA

"I would say that its well worth the money as my daughter's maths has really stepped up since she has been using it at home, she is so keen to do maths now and she loves it." Amanda Baldwin, NSW

"Fantastic." Angelika von Sanden, VIC

"The kids love it. They love the idea of playing against someone else somewhere in Australia. They get better without realising they are learning. It is a fantastic concept." Dean Chainey, WA

"That it's a great learning resource." Deborah Dickinson, VIC

"Ariane was a little intimidated and panicked at the start (her big brother has been on the front page several times) but soon gained her confidence so much so that she was up at 6:30 and back onto the website!" Rose Evans, NSW

"Mathletics is great! My child has learnt so much from it." Carmen Sacco, VIC

"Mathletics is a fantastic learning environment. It creates a healthy competition between students, while at the same time provides a teaching platform that helps your child learn the basics of maths, at their own pace. But most of all, your child will have a lot of fun along the way." Suzie stride, VIC

"Fabulous fun and educational program which has caught the attention of all my three children." Jane Landers, SA

"It's a great learning tool to assist our children to advance their mathematical skill. I'd recommend it to anyone with children." Ron Schmal, VIC

"It's great." Hudson Ross, VIC

"I would recommend it highly. It is very engaging and students want to keep on playing to achieve higher levels." Wendy Pearce, VIC

"After one month my son has said that it has helped him in numeracy speed and algebraic equations. He said it is better than a teacher because in class if you lose concentration you can miss the point whereas with Mathletics you can go back and review the fundamentals." Alan Dean, QLD

"This program is a must-have for all children, regardless of age and ability as it simply recognises every child as individuals, leading them gently to not only improve their personal mathematical skill and knowledge but to gain confidence and a healthy sense of pride in their achievements. From the parent's perspective it's affordable, relevant, easy to use, well-supported and keeps the parent in the loop. Oh and by the way the kids love it! If our 11 yo son who has always found school work to be completely mystifying can be rushing home to get on the computer to do extra maths I can think of no greater recommendation!" Jennifer Brockett, VIC

"Mathletics is brilliant! A much healthier use of internet time at home - beats shooting penguins or any of the other gruesome mindless games that the younger kids seem to play on the net. It is also an excellent pastime for the students who are given extra internet time in class if they finish their work." Jane Horne, QLD

"The program is excellent and the kids love the challenge and competition." Leonie Smith, ACT

"My children use it because it is fun, it is "do-able" no matter what their level is. It has the ability to challenge them with the online competition (very popular in this house) while all feedback is in a positive tone. Practicing maths and enjoying it. I wish that it was around for me, when I was learning." Susan Robertson, NSW

"Highly educational for your child and also help parents brush up on their knowledge. This also enables parents to help with their child's homework without having to say "Ask your father", etc." Josina Cranson, VIC

"It's the best resource for a student. It makes Maths fun as well as educational. Being able to challenge yourself (against the computer) or another student makes Maths a sport. I found my daughter hugely improved her ability to do mental calculations."  Mano Wijetilaka, NSW

"Where else would a child willingly sit on a computer for up to an hour completing math tasks. This is a fun, interactive learning tool enhancing maths knowledge whilst also enhancing self esteem. The kids love playing Live Mathletics with other children from around Australia." Lisa Harding, QLD

"I'd say it's fantastic! I've already recommended it to several friends." Ann Grimwade, VIC

"I have already made recommendations to other parents telling them that it my son loves it, has fun with it and learns new ways to approach maths." Kylie Kellalea, VIC

"I would definitely recommend Mathletics to any parent - I am amazed that , for the first time ever , my daughter actually enjoys getting on the computer and "playing" maths! The games against other students greatly encourage speed and accuracy and are a wonderful idea." Catharina Felton, NSW

"It is inexpensive, easy to use for all age levels and has the added bonus of providing a tutorial for each section - a must!" Michelle Lucas, QLD

"Great product, really gets the children practicing maths skills in a fun way." Kendra Bosworth, NSW

"Very happy my girls love using it and are improving daily." Lisa Moreton, WA

"It is wonderful" Helen Smith, NSW

"Absolutely fantastic...my son loves it and often find him playing away on the computer....it's not a chore." Andrew Kohler, WA

"I have told many parents about your website and I know that some have since joined with Mathletics. They loveit as do We. Our son is "gifted" in the area of maths and uses your site for home extension work. We have compared it to other, more expensive, programs and they are boring for the kids. Other kids have "had a go" on our son's site and they love it and beg their parents to join up. Their parents have also been really
impressed (or disappointed that they had wasted a lot of money on another program). We intend to join our daughter who is in Year 1 ASAP."  Michelle Nieuwland, NSW

"I have encouraged others to check the website for themselves as it is a good additional learning tool that is also fun." Dorothy Yeoman, WA

"It's very good. Not expensive and easy to use. Beneficial to students." Indira Jeyakumar, NSW

"I'd say it is fantastic and really encourages children to enjoy maths." Keryn Nylander, TAS

"Absolutely fantastic for the children. Constant revision daily keeps them up to scratch with maths. Actually improves their mental maths speed & accuracy. The support system is great as it explains exactly how to work problem solving. V.good system would highly recommend. Child can't get enough of it. Takes them away from t.v." Anna Fondacaro, WA

"It's a great learning tool and affordable. Much better than most computer educational games. The live component is great." Carina Venturi, VIC

"I would recommend it without hesitation. Before I signed up I thought it was more for gifted or mathematically strong children. I now realise that this is their ladder to getting to a stronger place in maths at their own pace. I sing its praises." Steven Mitchell, WA

"Great, highly recommend it." Luc Tardif, VIC

"In only a few short weeks of home use I have seen all three of my children dramatically improve on their mental maths speed and confidence, along with a discovery of fun in maths! Worth every cent." Julie Seet, WA

"It worth to try and it is good to keep children doing something than nothing or playing game boy." Yanni Tong, VIC

"I would say that it is an excellent tool that encourages the children to spend time on their maths each day. Goals are easily set, by points or certificates, which keep the children motivated." Katie Brown, WA

"Through using Mathletics, our Year 1 daughter has learned a lot of new arithmetical, mathematical and other concepts, including the ability to read the time from an analogue clock. She loves playing against other children around Australia, getting certificates and having her name on the leader board. And she often likes
to use the part of the system where she alters her appearance - hairstyle, glasses etc. Altogether, a great experience!" Annabel McCarthy, NSW

"I would say it is a great program. In fact, I have already been saying that to other parents! I tell them that it is a very simple concept, that is easy for kids to use, it employs appropriate motivating strategies, and that my kids love it!" Wendy Monaghan, NSW

"I would say that it's helped me a lot and the support really helps me understand and that I recommend it for every child with difficulty in learning maths." Kim Binh Lu, NSW

"I would highly recommend it." Sharon Schultz, WA

"I would definitely recommend Mathletics to any parent. My children are so excited to get online and play. I am really looking forward to watching their progress and their confidence improve." Kylie Clear, VIC

"That my kids are really enjoying going on the site and doing both the exercises and competing against other kids around the country. To me it's internet time that I encourage because I know it's safe and educational." Sue White, WA

"I am recommending to others looking for similar assistance at home. Easy to use; value for money; has already assisted 2 of my children in better results at school." Linda Brackenbury, VIC

"I would say that it's great. My daughter loves to use it and the medal tally really taps into her competitive side. I would say it encourages pride in her learning which is fantastic and I love that it is linked to her school program. Thanks." Susan Bali, NSW

"I would say its a very good program and it makes maths fun for my daughter who struggles with this subject." Rozana Vassallo, NSW

"It is one of the most useful websites considering kids of today want to be on the computer all the time. I think it is a very challenging experience for the kids every step of the way." Purna Kalra, NSW

"It is very educational for the child and they really look forward to using it each day. Any spare time is used on Mathletics." Sharon Kavallaris, NSW

"Brilliant! Sign up now!" Anne Heydon, QLD

"Highly recommend. Our son's times tables ability has improved significantly and he is learning the enjoyment & fun factor." Michael Clark, VIC

"I would tell them how excited my two children (10 & 7) are about Maths now that they are using Mathletics! It is helping them to gain confidence and improvements are showing after just 1 week!!" Isobel Symeoy, VIC

"I would highly recommend the package as it encourages the child while teaching and reinforces concepts." Gary Larkin, QLD

"My son loves it and it is the only educational website that he has used consistently. The combination of competition and maths is a winning formula." James Russell, NSW

"Whilst discussing our children's activities at work, I was telling a colleague about how my son loves Mathletics and can't wait to use it every week. I gave her the website and she signed her child up that night - absolutely loved it and so do we." Danelle Rimmer, WA

"I would say it's really good for kids it improves their skills mentally and it's a good way to practise." Jenniefer Noronha, WA

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